5 Tips on Designing a Low-cost Nursery Room

Parents always aim to provide their kids the best things, even before they are born. That is why some parents go an extra mile to prepare their kid’s nursery room in advance – spending tons of money renovating and converting a space and turn it into a kid’s haven.

However, renovating a whole space can be expensive for some and there are some parents who might not be able to afford such luxury. But do not fret. A reputable fit out company in Dubai provided a list of tips that parents can use to create an amazing nursery on a budget:

  • Keep it simple

When people think of a nursery design, the first thing that comes to mind is a vibrant room full of kids’ accessories and toys. But more and more parents today prefer to keep their kid’s nursery room simple. In fact, some of these parents opt to go the minimalist approach. If you are low in budget, this might be an alternative that you can explore. There are minimalist nursery room designs that are visually appealing not just for parents, but for the kids as well.

  • Try to do DIYs

If getting a full-time contractor is not an option, you can always do them yourself. Designing the room yourself might take some time and effort, but it will certainly save you some pennies that you can use for other things. You can start by making your own designs and accents and you can proceed to doing bigger tasks like painting the room and assembling the furnishings.

  • Consider using pre-loved items

Some people might cringed at the thought of using hand-me-downs on their newborn baby. But there is nothing wrong with that. Using pre-loved baby furnishings and items can save you from buying expensive baby items. You can ask some of your closest friends and relatives if they give or sell their baby items at a very reasonable price.

  • Go for bargain items

You can also go for bargain items when stocking up your baby’s nursery. Once in a while, baby stores do promotions and offer discounts, especially for first-time buyers. Take advantage of these promos so you can get new baby items for a cheap price.

  • Think about long-term

You need to remember that your baby will grow and sooner or later, he/she will outgrow his/her nursery room. Be prepared for this eventuality. As early as now, think about how you can convert the nursery to a toddler’s bedroom. This would mean that the current design should be flexible enough to allow transformation when the time comes that you need to do some revamp.

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