Pros and Cons of Business Cards

The concept of business cards exists in the world for over four centuries in one way or the other. The Chinese claim to have invented calling cards in the 15th century to let their relatives and other people know that they intended to visit them. The more elaborate form of business cards was introduced in the 17th century by British merchants who used them as a marketing tool like miniature advertisement. Now a modern city like Dubai has multiple printing solutions available to the professional and companies operating in the state. Click here for business card printing in Dubai.


Every concept in the world has two sides. Every phenomenon has merits and demerits. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with business cards.


  1. Business cards are the perfect tool to deliver important information to your potential clients and investors. It gives the whole thing professional attire which works perfectly for almost all the fields. A business card mostly carries details like name and logo of your business, its physical address, email address, phone numbers, and designation of its owner or CEO. This small bunch of information holds the key to carry the momentum forward with your clients.
  2. A business card is a tool which seldom gets away from the attention of a prospective client. This way of human networking creates positive impression with your clients and its design, texture, color, font size, photos, and other demographics make it one thing to remember for your clients. The more catchy it is, the bigger chances are there for your client to revert back to your proposal.
  3. It sounds a bad idea if you have to write down your contact details at the end of an interaction or a communication with your potential client on the sidelines of a corporate event or a party. It wastes times for both you and your client and chances are greater that the client would never look back on the information you just jotted down.


The business cards also have some downsides.


  1. Getting the business cards printed can be a costly affair. Most of the companies try to print these cards in massive number to cut down on its expenses but truth of the matter is that most of these cards are never used. The bigger companies can afford the luxury but startups seldom have such amount of investment to dedicate on the business cards.
  2. There are chances that you forget to take your business cards with you. Such a scenario leads to an embarrassing situation and you finally end up writing down your contact details, which is in no way a professional way to go about things.
  3. The business cards offer a very limited space to deliver your message. A company just can’t highlight its products and services on a visiting card.


Now you know the both sides of the equation about business cards. If you want to get more information about how business cards can be an essential part of your business and marketing strategies, please contact