Proven Design Formulas For Better Print Design

Designing material for print and web is no easy task. Every graphic designer knows how hard it is to please clients when it comes to design, especially for the newbies in the industry. Design professionals need to go through the daunting process of conceptualizing, designing, and revision before a final design gets approved.

For those who are trying to impress their clients with something new, here are some design formulas you can apply to your print design:

  • Try the opposite of the norm


For brochure and booklet printing in Dubai, the accepted printing size is A4. But do not get limited by these dimensions. Try to play with the booklet design and do the opposite of what is accepted in the industry. Try experimenting with different sizes. But be sure that the design is based on the branding of the client. You also need to take into account the functionality of the design and the purpose of the material.


  • Utilize the borders


Borders are used by designers to define space for the content. But new trends in design allow the modern graphic artist to play with the borders to create eye-catching designs. You can also do the same. Our mind is capable of reading content and the context of elements outside the border. It is up to the designer how he can utilize and maximize the border to his advantage. Just ensure that it is done tastefully and will not affect the content. You can think and design outside the box, but be aware of the design limitations.


  • Make content a priority


Good typography and an excellent background would be useless if your photos are not at par with the design. Do not compensate great design with dismal photography. Remember that every element in the design is important. If one element fails to complement the other in terms of design and technical aspects, the overall look of the material will not work. So be sure to use high quality content in your visual design. High resolution graphics and photos are needed to enhance the look of the design.


  • Explore creative grid opportunities


A lot of designers are using grids to better define the spacing of each design element in a magazine or booklet design. But it can also limit them in terms of creative visualization. Like the borders, you can go beyond the borders and be creative in your placements without affecting the comprehension of the content.


  • Do not forget the bleeding


No matter how excellent and creative your design looks on a device, the true test is when it is printed on paper. When printing materials like business cards in Dubai, be sure to check and follow the printer’s specs like the colors. Also, do not forget to put proper bleeding areas so they will have space for printing errors.