Steps of Writing a Will and Benefits of hiring a Solicitor

Will writing is important but many people are strict towards disclosure of their assets and belongings. They feel insecure to finalize their death statement due to the fear of death and leaving their loved ones behind. But in real, a documented will gives you a chance to secure the lives of special people around you who care and love you. In Dubai, people are legally forced to document their wills and nominate their successors because of minimizing the legal formalities regarding immigrant bereavement. The cost of making a will in Dubai is considerably lower to maximize the locals and international immigrants’ willingness to document their final words.

Following are some basic steps a will writer should follow to document an authentic and effective will.

  1. A will should clearly distinct from legal paper with proper hand or computer-based writing style. Software for crafting a will is also appropriate to reduce the chances of any error or confusion.
  2. One or more beneficiaries can be chosen according to their relationship and your desire to own a defined percentage of your assets and bank balance after your death.
  3. An executor is a person who discloses and manages the distribution of assets after your death news. He can be your best friend, a lawyer, or your spouse. An executer can charge fee or compensation for his services which is usually not more than 4% share of your assets, so better decide and mention it in your will.
  4. Define trustworthy Guardian for your minor kids in case of non-availability of your spouse due to legal reasons like divorce, separation or early death of your spouse.
  5. You can also enclose letters for individual family members to address them about details of assets and their percentage and proportion.
  6. The will is never be finalized without your signatures in front of two or more witnesses. The witnesses should be major and mentally stable persons who understand the legality and formalities of Will writing.
  7. A Will should be registered and certified by legal bodies to make an unchallengeable documentation of your final wording. It is safely stored with the executor of any legal agent to maintain the scarcity of all written details.

There are several advantages of hiring a solicitor to write your will on your behalf. A solicitor is a professional and legal person who understand many circumstances you and your family will face in case of the inappropriate willing statement. Circumstances like more than one marriage or divorce and kids from previous marriage, properties around other countries, legal partners and their business share, legal fees and charges due to any legal offense or tax settlements, and dependants other than family members etc.

Rather than making a misleading will it is better to hire a legal advisor or solicitor to be more comfortable in writing down your will. The DIFC Wills Probate Registry can facilitate you to finalize this job.