5 School Personnel Your Kids Should Know Aside From Their Teachers

School doesn’t just revolve around your kids’ teachers and classmates. An academic institution is run and managed by individuals and personalities who make the school operational. Since your kid’s school will be his/her second home, it is imperative that he/she would get familiar with these personalities so he/she would know who to approach should a problem arise.

Here are five key school personalities that your kids should be familiar with:

  1. The School Principal

The principal is basically in-charge of all the school operations. He/she implements the school policies and ensures that everything is in their proper place. Although the school principal does not have a direct effect on your kid’s academic performance, it is imperative for everyone to get to know this person. If there are concerns regarding school rules, policies and safety, he/she might be able to help you.


  1. The Guidance Counselor

A guidance counselor plays a major role in the school system. Every nursery in Rashidiya is required to have at least one or two guidance counselors in school to guide and help the students deal with their problems in school. These personnel are also tasked to monitor the socio-emotional welfare of the students and conduct activities that would further enhance the emotional quotient of students. It is important that you introduce your kid to his/her guidance counselor so he/she can seek help on certain matters that he/she cannot divulge with his/her teacher.


  1. The School Admin

The school admin personnel are the ones who are tasked to do the administrative leg work of the school. These are your cashiers, school secretaries, etc. Although their work is not related to academics, the role they play in the system is crucial as they are the ones who are handling most of the paperwork related to the school. These people can answer your concerns about school fees and announcements.


  1. The Guard

Every nursery in Ajman is required to have a tight security system to ensure the safety of the students while they are inside the premises of the school. Introducing your kids to the school guard is important. Your kids will know who to go to when a security emergency arises.


  1. The School Nurse

Accidents can happen inside the school. During this eventuality, students would need to go the clinic and the school nurse for first aid. It is also the school medical staff who would provide the necessary treatment for your kids when they are not feeling well when they are in school.