4 Myths And Truth Bombs About Golf

Golf is known as one of the oldest sports in the land. Dated 400 years, our ancestors made their first swing. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this activity which pretty much dissuade some people from trying out this sport.

If you are having second thoughts about trying out golf, knowing the myths and the truths behind them might change your mind:

  1. Golf is not a sport

Some people view golf simply as a leisure activity that everyone can do and practice. While it is true that everyone can try this out, it is also considered as a sporting activity. Why? Golf can be physically demanding. A golfer would need to be physically fit to be able to deliver a perfect swing. Also, golf fulfills the definition of sports according to Merriam-Webster that states that a sport is a game in which the participants do physical activities and compete in accordance to a specific rules set by an organization.

  1. There is an age limit to playing golf

Although some golf tournaments held at golf courses in Dubai, everybody and anybody can play this sport. Kids are even encouraged to play golf at an early age, as this sports can be beneficial for their health and help them develop certain skills like critical thinking and patience. Everyone is welcome to play this game, whether leisurely or seriously.

  1. You don’t have to be physically fit to play golf

This is in connection to myth no. 1 and 2. Although everybody is allowed to play and practice golf, it doesn’t mean that you need not to be physically fit to play this game. In fact, most golfers workout to keep their body fit in order to hit a successful round. As mentioned, golf can be a physically demanding sport. If you aim to take this activity seriously, you need to be physically and mentally prepared, especially if you plan on joining tournaments and events.

  1. It is a rich man’s game

One of the biggest misconception about this game is that it is expensive. Maybe because how golf is portrayed by the media – rich men playing the game on a well-tended and exclusive golf course. Golf may look like an expensive if you purchase expensive equipment and gears. Although there are expensive golfing gears available in the market today, you can always opt for the affordable ones that you can use, especially if you are just starting.

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