Importance of fall safety harnesses

Fact of the matter is that implementation of thorough protection systems against accidents at any workplace is vital for all the organization. OSHA which is one of the highest authorities to guarantee effective protection systems at a project site has formed strict rules that must be followed at all types of work sites to maximize protection levels at every workplace. For this purpose OSHA has defined a number of rules for protecting workforce from all kind of hazards and dangers at a work site such as compulsory use of fall protection harness while working on heights more than 5 feet off the ground. Fall protection harness is best support and safety equipment for all the businesses where employees need to work on heights to perform certain tasks.

Fall protection harnesses are made to protect and safeguard you against serious threats that may occur due to falls during working on heights. Fall protection harness consists upon three parts that are essential to provide it enough strength and ability to protect you against all type of falling hazards. Main components of a fall protection harness are as following:

– Harness

– Lanyard

– Anchor Point

Moreover these are found in various types and categories designed to be used for different heights and purposes. Typically you will find a fall protection harness in four different types based on their efficiency and capacities.

Basic fall protection harness

It is usually used for the jobs where employees work on less heights and there are not much falling risks involved in the job. Main purpose of these fall protection harnesses is to provide support for improving efficiency of the worker and protect them from falling that can cause minor injuries and effect their work as a result.

Fall protection harness for work at medium heights

For work on medium heights fall protection harness comes with a chest device to protect the upper body of workers.

Fall protection harness for work at extreme heights and difficult conditions

These fall protection harnesses comes with straps for both upper and lower parts of body to provide maximum protection against falls.

Fall protection harness for work in unsafe environment

Not only do these possess all the parts of above mentioned types of harnesses but also carry some additional attachments to work in a specific environment. You must also equip your employees with safety shoes in Dubai to protect their feet against falling objects and hits.